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How to create a bootable uSD card from a Yocto build for the iMX28evk?

Question asked by Colin Moloney on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by Erik Raynolds

I am trying to bring our old build of an iMX28 that was using Yocto dizzy on Ubuntu 14.04 to rocko on Ubuntu 16.04.

I have started with:

    repo init -u -b rocko

change the default local.conf to have:

   MACHINE ??= 'imx28evk'
   DISTRO ?= 'fslc-framebuffer'

and successfully built the 'core-image-minimal' with files in tmp/deploy/images/imx28evk/...


I am now trying to burn this onto an sd card to test.  Under the new system, the default output is now 'wic.gz' not 'sdcard' and I'm trying to use the command:

    wic create .../sources/meta-freescale/wic/imx-uboot-mxs-bootpart.wks -e core-image-minimal


It creates a file called "<name>.direct", but when burn onto a card it only has two partitions.  From the .wks file I would expect 3 partitions.  I would also expect one of them of type 53 (or 'S') to hold the bootstream.   The .wks file cannot have a partition type of 53 it is restricted to only a few know file system types.


Q. As the iMX28 ROM code is looking for a DOS partition of type 53 for it's boot stream, what do I need to do to get wic (or some other tool) to create the proper SD card?  


Under the old dizzy the final output called "<name>.sdcard" had everything required and could be 'dd'ed directly onto a card.


Colin Moloney