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i.mx6 and k20 mcu CAN communication

Question asked by Sarath P Kumar on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by Diego Adrian Cuevas


I'm using TS4900 + TS8550 set for a CAN networked solution. I'm planning to use this SBC in our product.

Other CAN nodes which we used in the CAN network are based on Free scales K20 series micro controller based modules.

I used FlexCAN protocol.

I could successfully communicate between one TS4900+ TS8550 set to another TS4900+ TS8550 set.

I could successfully communicate between one K20 controller module to another K20 controller module

I phase problem while we communicate between TS4900+ TS8550 and K20 series controller module.

I could successfully communicate from TS4900+ TS8550 set to one K20 controller module. But reverse communication ( ie. from one K20 controller module to TS4900+ TS8550 set ) is not working. We are not getting acknowledgement during communication from one K20 controller module to TS4900+ TS8550 set .

Please advice how to move forward.