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Failed to debug MPC5748G stuck at 98%

Question asked by nader khamess on Apr 17, 2018

Hello There,


I am working at the moment with Devkit-MPC5748G and was debugging SPI from project from example and made pin connections between DSPI (master) and SPI (slave). And with oscliscope I traced the signals and it was working perfect until I just changed a bit into "0" PushR register to try something. 


Then from this moment I got stuck in debugging and its always says 98%. 


I tried to update the firmware after putting the uC into bootloader mode and copying the "DEBUG-OPENSDA-E200_Pemicro_v110.SDA" file into Bootloader drive. And still I have the same problem. 


I am using S32DS power 2017.R1 and tried to use S32DS power v1.2 and still the same problem. 


I am grateful if someone can help.