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SDK 2.2.0 for KW41Z. Missing files in the "smac_connectivity_test" example

Question asked by Grigory Emelyanov on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Grigory Emelyanov

Hi. I'm trying to compile "wireless_example_smac_connectivity_test_bm" from SDK 2.2.0 for KW41Z. In case I use default configuration of this example, there are not any errors. However, if I enable cPWR_UsePowerDownMode mode or gPHY_802_15_4g_d mode, I get errors that some files can not be found. 


For cPWR_UsePowerDownMode, it is "PWR_Interface.h".

For gPHY_802_15_4g_d, it is "PhyPib.h", "PhyExtended.h" and "PhyTime.h


So the question is how to enable and use both modes. I was trying to find any description for these modes (and aforementioned files), but without any success. I guess, I'm missing something, but I have not found anything helpful in the SDK documentation yet.


Thanks in advance,