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No Vedio Data of MPC5604EKIT

Question asked by Lu Xun on Apr 16, 2018

After I got the MPC5604EKIT, the following is my operation:
1. Read the “MPC5604EKIT-Quick-Start-Guide.pdf”, and execute as Quick-Start-Guide.
2. Download VLC player 1.1.11 ( Windows ).

3. Change my PC computer IP address to
4. Use BoardR-Reach cable to connect 12V power supply to the Mini:J1:.
5. Execute CMD: vlc.exe --demux=mjpeg.
5. Enter udp://@: 1234 for the network URL for VLC player.
6. Connect the Ethernet cable coming from the Host PC to the Mini:J2:ETH_CONN.

7. Reset key.


Then I found that without data on PC VLC player. Only I can see was the DS1(Green LED)  light up, the DS6(Orange LED) light up, and on the begining, the DS5(Green LED) flicker, but finish extinguish. 

As the Quick-Start-Guide said, I should watch the vedio data of camera.
What's wrong ?

How could I run it?

Did I need to load programe for KIT? I have download the "FSL_SALSAREFKIT_MPC5604E_APTINA_EAR_0.8.2", that's what only I can find on net.

Please give me some help.