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How to set PMU_REG_COREn n=0,1,3,4 ?

Question asked by yutakanomura on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by yutakanomura

Dear all

I use i.mx6Q (Part numbers D)  and have a Question about " 50.7.4 Digital Regulator Core Register".


Address: 20C_8000h base + 140h offset + (4d × i), where i=0d to 3d

That is...

① 0x020C8140

② 0x020C8144

③ 0x020C8148

④ 0x020C814C



I can set value to ①and② , but I can't set the values to ③and④.

I set the value to ①、then ②,③and④ register is set to the same value as ①.

Is this  a correct setting to set the only ① register ? 


Thanks for your help,