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MPC 5644 Software Exception and Reset

Question asked by 牛 牛 on Apr 16, 2018

Hi, I am working on the MPC5644. Recently when I am doing some functional source code developments, when I am calling a function like the following, I mean contains a local variable and the use of pointer, that the software will keep resetting. If I do not make the call, then the software keeping resetting will not happen. I checked in Lauterbach that if the call is used, the IP address will always be 0xFFFFFFFC.


I would like to ask that from your experience, for the chip MPC 5644, if I would like to find the real cause of the software exception and the make a modification of the currently mistake, which points I can take considerations from and how I can try and debug to find the solution.


void gvFUCA(void)


 uint16 usFUNCRawValKl30F = 0;

 float32 fFUNCPhyValkl30F = 0;

boolean bADFUNCKl30F;


bADFUNCKl30F = gbGetADValue(eKL30_F_ADC, &usSOPTRawValKl30F,&fSOPTPhyValkl30F);