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Using USB Host Stack on MC9S12DG256 to access MSD?

Question asked by John Erickson on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Daniel Martynek

I am a student at ECPI University taking a Microcontrollers class. This class uses the MC9S12DG256 for all of their projects. I am attempting a large project to turn the MC9S12DG256 into a music player. One of the things I am looking into is whether I can interface a USB flash drive to the MC9S12DG256 running in host mode to read .mp3 files or .wav file off the flash drive. From what I have seen I am not sure if the 2nd USB port on that development board will support high enough speed transfers to the MC9S12DG256 to play music. It appears that P2 is connected through SCI1 which seems to be limited to 56k. I stumbled across your documentation for your USB stack, but it looks like you don’t support the MC9S12DG256 for HOST mode that I need to access a flash drive. The documentation states that there is not enough memory. If I could get the USB stack working on the MC9S12DG256 in host mode at a high enough speed I could complete my project. My questions to you are: 1) Can the MC9S12DG256 support 1.5+mbps transfers over USB?; 2) Will your USB stack fit if I limit it to just the HOST, MSD, and file system parts?; 3) If there is some hope that the USB stack will work, where can I get a copy at a reasonable price or free so that I can incorporate it in my project?