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Problem with returning from LLS mode after power off.

Question asked by Jens Madsen on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by Jens Madsen

I have a problem with MK24FN256 after going to LLS mode. It continues after a wakeup as it should, and works ok if power stays connected after programming. Also, it works after reset, as long as power stays connected.


But if power is disconnected and connected again, then it does not work. It goes into power down, but when it should return, it poweres up and use 5.7mA. It do not continue in the code.


I have followed guide AN4503: /external-link.jspa?


The code works for all VLLS modes. But for LLS mode, it only works if power stays connected to the programmer after programming. As soon as power is disconnected, and connected again, it does not return after LLS wakeup. It do wake-up but goes into a power consuming state using 5.7mA. The LLWU isr runs, if it is enabled. And it continues to run. If it is not enabled, it just use 5.7mA without executing code.


Code is attached.