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White veil on HDMI display + HDMI stops

Question asked by Pierre-Olivier DI GIUSEPPE on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by igorpadykov



I'm currently working on an iMX6DL based board. We are using an HDMI display to show a Qt application.

I sometimes have a problem where the image is displayed, but there's a kind of "white veil" on it. I mean, it looks like the gamma parameter had been set to a very higher value. It stays as it is until I manually reboot the display, which I think lead to a reset of the HDMI output. When I dump the framebuffer, everything looks normal on the image I get, so I'm pretty sure that the problem does not come from the framebuffer itself.


Otherwise, I sometimes have an other problem when I run or stop a Qt app : the screen completely stops working and pixels are slowly fading to white. It looks exactly like when I blank the framebuffer, but I didnt. Also, the framebuffer / hdmi logs in dmesg don't show any framebuffer blanking. That's why I think it's most probably the HDMI that stops operating.


Do you guys have any idea of what is causing those 2 problems ?