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questions on imx6qsabrelite OCRAM

Question asked by zhang meiyu on Apr 12, 2018
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For the needs of our project, we need to  port the OS(FMP) to the on-chip memory.The board we used is imx6qsabrelite, in its User Manaul , we only found it said like this,

           The memory system consists of the following components:
                 o Level 1 Cache--32 KB Instruction, 32 KB Data cache per core
                 o Level 2 Cache--Unified instruction and data (1 MByte)
                 o On-Chip Memory:
                      o Boot ROM, including HAB (96 KB)
                      o Internal multimedia / shared,fast access RAM (OCRAM, 256 KB)
                      o Secure/non-secure RAM (16 KB)


but we couldn't find the range of specific memory address of OCRAM,so we can't set the loadaddr of the FMP.

Now we already run  FMP and linux simultaneously booting from TF card, what should we do if we want to run FMP on the OCRAM? Should we write FMP.bin to OCRAM or how to set the loadaddr of FMP ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards !