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New project with USB CDC

Discussion created by Gaspari Nicola on Apr 12, 2018
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Hello, I already developed in the past application for Kinetis MCU using CodeWarrior first and KDS till today. Now I need to develop a new board and I think to skip to MCUXpresso IDE (with config tools and SDK builder). My new board need to expose a Virtual Com Port through the USB (I believe I'll use MK60DX256VLL10) but form 2 days I'm trying to understand what I need to develop an USB interface for this MCU and which are the right instruments I've got to use (SDK? Middleware libs?, ...?). It is very difficult to me to understand which is the right way... Is there someone who can explain which is the right one? (I mean: MCUXpresso or KDS? Which SDK? Which libraries?) I found out an example project for FRDM-K64F (I've got one) that works well but I can't do the same thing with a new project :-(


Any help/suggestion will be very welcome, even documentation links, example links,... everything. A step by step list of operation to do to have the project skeleton ready to develop will be the best ;-)


I thank you in advance for your help.