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Can I load the fsl-image-full in T2080RDB-PC from RAMDisk with TFTP server?

Question asked by Sandra Trujillo García on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov


I want to know if I can load the image full in  T2080RDB-PC from RAMDisk with TFTP server. When I build the image I did not get the extension file fsl-image-full.ext2.gz.u-boot that I think I need for load the image.

In the SDK manual:

  1. Execute the following commands to TFTP the images to the board, then boot into Linux.

    =>tftp 1000000 <uImage_name> =>tftp 5000000 fsl-image-core-<platform>.ext2.gz.u-boot =>tftp 2000000 <platform_dtb_name> =>bootm 1000000 5000000 2000000
  2. Now the board will boot into Linux using the images generated by Yocto Project.

Here it is my problem, I don't have the  fsl-image-full-<platform>.ext2.gz.u-boot. Is there any way to do it with the files of the full version that are generated? Another question, What is the difference between the file fsl-image-core <machine> ext2.gz.u-boot and the file fsl-image-core <machine> .ext2.gz? What changes suppose this .u-boot?