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PCIe switch enumeration using LS1046

Question asked by xabiven on Apr 12, 2018
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Hello all,


I am working on a custom LS1046 board where the processor is attached to an embedded PCIe switch. The LS1046 is configured as root complex, and is in charge of the whole PCIe bus enumeration.


Issue description

Under UBoot, the enumeration process works fine, and we can discover all PCIe devices. Read and write accesses are possible into the various PCIe devices.

Nevertheless, this enumeration process cause an AXI slave error which crash the Linux Kernel at startup when unmasking interrupts.


Error propagation process:

1) The LS1046 enumerate PCIe bus, and use type 1 configuration requests to discover the PCIe buses behind the switch

2) Enumerating these buses cause the PCIe switch to forward an "unsupported request" to the LS1046 PCIe controller when scanning ports without endpoint devices (this is a correct switch's behavior)

3) The PCIe controller set the "Received master abort" bit when receiving the unsupported request (UR) (RMA bit is set to '1' in 0x1E register)

4) Then, we observe that the ISR_EL1[1:0] bits are set to 0b10, and ESR_EL1 indicates a "System error\slave error"


The behavior is similar under Linux when enumerating the bus, but the CPU directly crash because interrupts are already unmasked.


Important remark: It is possible to enumerate the bus using a T2080 or a T1042 processor without crashing the LInux. The "unsupported request" is also send to the CPU but these models doesn't take it into account as a system error.


=> Is it possible to stop the error propagation ?

=> Do you have an enumeration exemple of a PCIe bus including a switch using a LS1046 CPU?