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How to access a ethernet device behind an ADSL modem

Discussion created by ricardo ricardo on Oct 25, 2008
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Hi Folks
I developped a board with ethernet and some relays to home automation.
Till now, I know that the only one way to connect with this board is:
- know the modem IP
- set a Port Forwarding (NAT?) feature in the modem web browser.
Well, ok...
But, imagine the modem has been replaced by a new one....the NAT settings disappeared !!therefore the board is now unreachable!
I read a protocol (?) / feature(?) called uPnP : Universal Plug and Play and I understood the
own device connected to a switch could ask for Port Fowarfing.
It is a very important feature for people who wants to connect devices wich are behind switchers / modensa etc..
Has anyone done it?
Will it be what MSN and others do to be able to receive external connections?
Ricardo Raupp