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VCP (Virtual COM Ports) Driver is not working on i.MX6Q

Question asked by Lutfi Firdaus on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by igorpadykov

Dear All,


I need to develop Hobbit Board from POSLAB with i.MX6Q on it using Linux (Ubuntu, Arch Linux, or Debian) OS on it because later we have to deliver thousands of these devices to our client. I've tried to use Mfgtools, it was succeeded on installation but when I restarted it, it shows nothing. Even the usb is not detected in usbtreeview. The problem was posted here.


So now I'm trying to put u-boot only, but the problem is I couldn't connect to the board through Terminal (i.e. HyperTerminal, Tera Term, or Putty) because it's using USB OTG. 

But in iMX Linux User's Guide, it's said that we could install VCP from FTDI so we could monitor the board using Terminal. After I install the driver, it's not working as it said. There should be USB serial converter, and the corresponding serial port on it (see vcp.png in attachment). But in my case (see my_case.png in attachment), the device is connected as HID-compliant vendor-defined device and nothing shown in usb and ports like vcp.png.


Anyone has the solution?