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Information about NFC reader can be read via NTAG-I2C Plus?

Question asked by Norihiro Michigami on Apr 11, 2018
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I was asked from our customer if MCU behind the NTAG-I2C plus can know information about NFC reader side, such as vendor ID or unique ID.

More specifically, when they use NTAG-I2C plus with recent iphone as NFC reader,

they want to know if iphone can send unique ID information along with NFC commands to NTAG.


In my understanding, any NFC command such as REQA done't have ID field.

So, we can't support our customer's expected behavior. 

Could you correct me if this understanding is wrong?


If iphone can write data to NFC tag,

I think above idea can be implemented with NFC application and MCU.



Norihiro Michigami