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How to enable the gpu accelration of i.mx6q directfb gfxdriver

Question asked by 智浦 恩 on Apr 10, 2018
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I use the freescale directfb-1.7-4/gfxdrivers/, and put it on the path of $(ROOTFS)/usr/lib/directfb-1.7-4/gfxdrivers/, when I execute ./df_dok --accelonly, there is not picture on the screen, and the start infomation of DirectFB-example-1.2.0 is " Directfb/Graphics: Generic Sofeware Rasteriser 0.7 ( ", I know it dosen't use the gpu of Vivante. When I execute ./df_dok, there are pictures on the screen.


How can I use the gfxdrivers/ to enable the gpu accelration of Vivante ?


I see a Netizen enable the directfb gpu acceleration, and  the start infomation of DirectFB as follows :

"DirectFB/Graphics: Vivante unknown chip model 1.0 (Vivante)"


I guess it maybe go to error with the library path of or other reason.

Do you meet the similar problems ?  How to solve it ?