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FreeMaster on TOMAR (S12VR) with CodeWarrior IDE 5.9

Question asked by CARLO CUROTTO on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by Petr Fajmon

Hello everybody,


I'm using the tomar microcontroller S12VR form my application. About few month ago I have installed FreeMaster in order to debug and plot in the time some variables.

First time I have used Freemaster scope but now I would like use the recorder in my application using the BDM connection (USB multilink interface PE Micro) because the SCI0 (LIN channel) is already used.

The Scope view is to slow.

Process Expert is not supported.

I added all src_common files in my project.

I added freemaster.h, freemaster_cfg.h, freemaster_HC12.c and .h

After that I have called the function FMSTR_Init() for the initialization of freemaster and in the main loop the following function  FMSTR_Recorder() FMSTR_Poll(), no more on this side

On Freemaster program I have set the communication  as shown in the file bdmConnection attached.

Now if I try the Recorder, Freemaster shows me the following message "the hardware recorder could not be initialised. Error 0x80000081 (Invalid Comman).


Can you help me.