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UJA1023 Configuration Questions (Error Message and Data Dump)

Question asked by Melissa McNeely on Apr 10, 2018


I am looking to configure UJA1023, but data sheet seems to conflict with LIN 2.0 consortium specification in a few areas (see below for detail). Would anyone be able to help clarify how to properly set up LDF file for this hardware?


1) In example on page 29 of data sheet, PCI of 2 and 4 is used for Data Dump Frames 3 and 4, respectively. I was under the impression that these 0x3C/0x3D frames should always have PCI of 6. What is the proper configuration to use to ensure proper communication between Master and Slave?


2) During LDF consistency check, I get a warning message that there is missing attribute "reponse_error". However I do not believe I am able to define a response_error signal in LDF since UJA1023 error response signal is only accessible via 0xB4 service ID and is not reported as part of an unconditioned frame. Has anyone else run into this issue?