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DDR Stress Test Tool stuck - uboot 2.80 version

Question asked by Tzipi Kluska on Apr 10, 2018
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I have scm-imx6 quad and I want to run a DDR stress test. I'm using DDR Stress Test Tool V2.80 - the uboot version.

I followed this instructions:

i.MX6/7 DDR Stress Test Tool V3.00 

but I have a problem during calibration command: 


                  Calibration will run at DDR frequency 528MHz. Type 'y' to continue.

                  If you want to run at other DDR frequency. Type 'n'

The terminal is stuck.

It happened also when I'm trying to do the stress test command. 

In this doc the writer mentioned that "To run ddr stress test from u-boot, CONFIG_SPLASH_SCREEN must be disabled in u-boot. Because when enter self refresh mode in ddr stress test, DRAM access will be blocked. If splash screen in u-boot is enabled, IPU will continuously access DRAM, so the system will hang up."


so I put this define in comment under the files: mx6dqscm.h and u-boot.cfg, but it didn't help.

someone with the same problem wrote in the doc comments that "I had to make sure that IPU wasn't initialized." but i didn't understand how to do that.. 


Can someone please help and write the steps I need to do to disable the this IPU/SPLASH_SCREEN?