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Has anyone ported blhost to run on a National Instruments Sbrio under Linux (built for Arm)? 

Question asked by Don Willey on Apr 9, 2018

I have several ARM Cortex M0+ processors connected to a National Instruments Sbrio (ARM based Linux single board computer with integrated FPGA).  I think I can build blhost under the version of Eclipse that NI identifies as supporting their Linux build, upload the executable and move forward, but colleagues have told me this is not feasible.  Has this been attempted and/or implemented and what are the challenges or infeasible problems along the way?

Some of my M0+ devices are on plain-jane RS232 ports, but others are on RS485 ports.  One MCU is on SPI.  Some of the ports might be implemented on the ARM processor on the sbrio board, although some of the ports are said to be implemented in a Xilinx FPGA (the RS485 and SPI) that normally is controlled from LabVIEW.  I have seen on-line documentation that seems to indicated it can be reached via .DLLs (and I hope some kind of API in ARM / Linux environments), but that is an area I have been warned about.  I don't expect I am trying something that has not been done before, but it is the first time we are doing it.

Maybe the hard parts of this are on the NI side, but if anyone on this forum has advice, it is welcome.