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mfgtool maks FreeRTOS wrong

Question asked by tom fang on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by igorpadykov


This is an i.MXRT1050 platform, my project including FreeRTOS run as XIP in a QSPI flash,

if programming by IAR-Jlink, then reset the board to run it, everything is fine (I have created IVT and flash configuration block manually in source code).

But if programming by mfgtool, system runs, but crashed at last sentence of vPortStartFirstTask();

if remove FReeRTOS, and copy the task content to main(), everything is fine too after mfgtool programming.

By checking the content of flash, flash configuration block (0x60000000-0x60000FFF) and IVT (0x60000100-0x60001FFF) are little different, but application (0x60002000-0x6000xxxx) is the same. Normally, mfgtool only add some headers of application, but the action is different between both programming ways? It's so interesting, anyone knows the reason?