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I want to know detail of MCAT for S12ZVM

Question asked by Nao Nishii on Apr 8, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by Nao Nishii


I use MC9S12ZVML128 PMSM Sensorless.

I try to use my own motor, and to modify the parameters in MCAT.


I read Application Note which is a part of installed package.

But I want to know more detail of MCAT.

For example,

  • About meaning of parameter
  • How to measure parameters


So I accessed MCAT's website (MCAT/DOCUMENTATION).

However, there is no Application Note for S12ZVM.

I also read all Application Notes on website, but I didn't know which I should refer to.


Is there a document with details on MCAT for S12ZVM?

If not, which Application Note on website is useful for me?

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