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i.MX6ULL power modes to Linux mapping

Question asked by Chad Wolter on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by igorpadykov

I am looking for information on how the power modes referenced in the i.MX6ULL datasheet and processor reference manual map to the power modes available in Linux under /sys/power/state.  The state file has 3 settings:






from chapter 21 of the i.MX_Linux_Reference_Manual, I see that mem appears to map to a state called DORMANT and standby appears to map to a state called STOP, but I am unsure of how these values map back to what is referenced in section 4.1.6 of the datasheet.  Also, what does the 'freeze' parameter map to?  Please provide some clarification or an application note to help answer the question.


PLEASE be advised, I have already reviewed the following documents in an effort to understand this:


1. AN5345 "i.MX6ULL Power Consumption Application Note"

2. i.MX_Linux_Reference_Manual.pdf

3. IMX6ULLIEC.pdf 

4. IMX6ULLRM.pdf


thanks and kind regards

Chad Wolter