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Configure I2S using pll not working

Question asked by Jacinto Moreno on Apr 6, 2018
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I am trying to configure the I2S interface to use with pll but unfortunately isn't working. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have looked at the example within the SDK but the drivers in there have different functions to the ones I have, for instance in the SDK example there is a slm_clock.c file which has all the functions to configure the I2S with pll (enable clock peripherals attach clock peripherals etc..); instead I have two different files (pll_5460x.c and clock_5460.c) with different functions to the ones in the example.


This is what I currently have:

/* PLL data for input = 12 MHz */
static const AUDPLL_SETUP_T pll_setup_48KHz = {
    0 * PLL_SETUPFLAG_WAITLOCK,             /*!< PLL setup flags, Or'ed value of PLL_SETUPFLAG_* definitions */


    Chip_Clock_SetMCLKClockSource(SYSCON_MCLKSRC_AUDIOPLL, 1);


Any help would be really appreciated.