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S32k144 ADC multiple channels with PDB back to back

Question asked by Yee Shiang Khor on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Yee Shiang Khor

Dear Sir,


Currently I am using S32k144 EVB board. S32 Design Studio 2.0.

I had go through sample code named

1) "adc_hwtrigger_s32k144" with using PDB but single channel only.

2) "adc_pal_example_s32k144" with able to read multiple channel in ADC0 with hardware trigger LPTMR


I am looking for example code extended form either above item 1 or 2 which able to read multiple channels in ADC0 with PDB back to back mode by S32k application (API) version. Including how to configure PDB component library for back to back mode. I believed besides only checked (ticked) on the "back to back mode" the should be some setting to correlate too.


Thanks in advance.