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Orphaned toolchain... Can't build with v10.1.1

Question asked by Dave Nadler on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Dave Nadler

Background: Previously using 10.0.0 with Arm 2017 q1 cross compiler for K64F target.

Just installed v10.1.1 and imported my existing projects.
When I try to build, I get:

Cannot run program "make": Launching failed

Error: Program "make" not found in PATH

In the project properties C/C++ build -> Tool Chain Editor I see "Current Toolchain: Cross GCC" (correct).

In the Tool Chain Editor I also see the "orphaned configuration" error below.

The option "Tools Paths" below Tool Chain Editor is missing (this is were I set the path to the GCC cross compiler in v10.0.0; see image from 10.0.0 below):


How to I configure v10.1.1 to use the external cross-compiler as I used in v10.0.0 so I can get some work done?


Thanks! Best Regards, Dave


PS: To add aggravation, trying 10.1.1 has corrupted the environment/project, so now trying to build the project under 10.0.0 gets the following NullPointerException (very nice):