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Blasting Monitoring Application - Microcontroller suggestions

Question asked by Xavier Lajoumard de Bellabre on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by Mark Butcher



I am a Masters student in Embedded Systems at KTH working on a thesis to develop a blasting monitoring sensor and wanted to hear your suggestions on uCs.


My intent is to measure ground vibrations with 3 geophones and sample each signal from an external ADC at 4kHz while continuously comparing these values to a threshold value. When the threshold is passed, FFTs and post-processing still need to be performed because of the non-linear frequency response of the geophones. When the threshold is confirmed to be passed based on the frequency, it will trigger the recording of the signals on an external RAM (>10Mb).


In short, I am looking for a uC that can do 4kHz sampling of at least 3 ADC signals, comparisons, FFTs, can be easily interfaced to an external RAM, and be as low-power as possible. It will also need ≥1 SPI interface, ≥1 I2C interface, ≥2 UART interfaces and ≥6 GPIOs. 


Thanks for the help!

Xavier Lajoumard de Bellabre