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i.MX RT 1052 - Serial Downloader with UART1

Question asked by Marco Dal Zotto on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2020 by Ed Sutter

Hello, I have developed my first i.MX RT 1052 board.

After two days (and nights) I had the internal DCDC working without overcurrent issue.


Tried to connect with SWD debugger (Lauterbach) without success.

Tried using JTAG (MIPI10) without success.


Even though I asked a design review of my schematics, and after two another days (and nights) troubling, I discovered that JTAG_MOD must be tied to GND which in my board I left opened (thanks Lauterbach for assistance).


So before to go to a second PCB design review, I would like to use the UART1 Serial Download to communicate with the i.MX and hopefully download an image to the QSPI NOR Flash Memory.


I couldn't find specific documentation about using UART1 serial downloader.

I have my MIMXRT1050-EVK (rev A3) to test UART1 serial download, but even using J28 USB and relative virtual com port, setting SW7.1-3 OFF and SW7.4 ON, I can't connect with blhost --port COMXX etc.


Can you please guide me to use Serial Download with UART1 with my EVK? Than I will try to do the same with my target.