Alex C.

uTaskerSerialBootloader on S9KEAZN64

Discussion created by Alex C. on Apr 5, 2018



I was trying in to build and upload an Kinetis Bootloader 1.2 on the respective MCU but with no success! I find impossible to adapt official bootloader to this MCU family. As an alternative I proceed with uTaskerSerialBootloader. As I have read, when KBOOT_LOADER is enabled, it should be compatible with Kinetis Updater application!


I have followed the indications from the guide: 


I have tested the following two configuration in config.h one by one:

#define FRDM_KEAZ64Q64
#define TRK_KEA64


As the board I am working with is a custom one, I have also forced bootloader mode this way:


#define FORCE_BOOT()       (1)


I have followed the manual when I imported the project and everything seems to be fine!

I have also checked baudrates and other UART configuration in app_hw_kinetis.h and the port is selected correctly connected!


Does anyone have experience with this? Is there any other special requirement to do make it works?