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RAppID Boot Loader Utility - additional info (MPC5744P)

Question asked by Marko Marguč on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by Marko Marguč

Hi, I am using DEVKIT-MPC5744P board (latest openSDA firmware -> v1.10), S32PA v2017.r1 on win10. 
Bootloader ( MPC5744P.rbf ) provided with RAppID Bootloader Utility (v1.6.7.35) is flashed on uC.


There are 2 issues/questions:
1. I cannot load program using openSDA connection (even-thou it's clearly possible by others -> Model-Based design toolbox for example). Do you have any idea how to solve this ? I'm not using any of jumpers for boot configuration (J35,J34,J33 aka FAP/ABS2/ABS0) since bootloader utility doesn't use BAM. Other jumpers on board are also at default setup. I cannot even load program using external USB-UART converter on these pins (PD9/PD12 - when trying board is power with external 12V not usb !). Uart communication  for FreeMaster works OK using LinFlex1 and openSDA.


2. Now I'm using external USB-UART converter to load program using LinFlex0 on pins PB2/PB3 and it works . What is strange is that there is none documentation on which of the units (LinFlex/FlexCan) are active and on what pin configuration when provided bootloader program is running . Is it possible to get this information?
e.g. :
Linflex0  - 115200 8N1 - PB2_PB3
Linflex1  - 115200 8N1 - PD9_PD12
FlexCan 0 - 100k - PB0_PB1  (?)

FlexCan 1  (?)