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Access time of K10 SPI is too long,WHY?

Question asked by zeyong yang on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

I use k10 to access SPI Flash(SST26VF064B). Data write and read is correct

BUT: interval time between multi-Byte transfer is too Long, so the performace of spi is very low


SPI-CLK is  24.576Mhz, one byte transfering takes 300ns. but interval time between multi-Byte transfer is 2us.



I use PE, enable spi interrupt to control transfering,  

The code is blow:


unsigned int SST26_ReadID(void) // send cmd to get flash ID
       unsigned char cmd[4]; //1-Byte cmd and  3-Byte dummy characters
       unsigned char data[4];


       cmd[0]=0x9F; //JEDEC-ID Read Command


     return ((data[1]<<16)|(data[2]<<8)|(data[3]));


** ===================================================================
** Event : SPI_OnBlockReceived (module Events)
** Component : SPI [SPIMaster_LDD]
** @brief
** This event is called when the requested number of data is
** moved to the input buffer. This method is available only if
** the ReceiveBlock method is enabled.
** @param
** UserDataPtr - Pointer to the user or
** RTOS specific data. The pointer is passed
** as the parameter of Init method.
/* ===================================================================*/
void SPI_OnBlockReceived(LDD_TUserData *UserDataPtr)
     /* Write your code here ... */