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How to use ADC1_SE0 SE14 SE15 of S32K144

Question asked by Hiroyoshi Gomi on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Petr Stancik

Dear Support Team,

I am working on evaluation board. I configured ADC1 for 4 channels using PDB. I refered the sample code below

But, ADC1_SE0 and SE14 and SE15 is not working.
  ADC1->SC1[0] = ADC_SC1_ADCH(7); //Working
  ADC1->SC1[1] = ADC_SC1_ADCH(14);  //Does not work
  ADC1->SC1[2] = ADC_SC1_ADCH(15);  //Does not work
  ADC1->SC1[3] = ADC_SC1_ADCH(0);   //Does not work


Each AD complete flag (COCO) is 1.
But the Result R[1:3] is not matches actual voltage. What should I do to use these ADC input? Ch interleave is disable.


And I tried below.

  ADC1->SC1[0] = ADC_SC1_ADCH(7); //Working
  ADC1->SC1[1] = ADC_SC1_ADCH(12);  //Working
  ADC1->SC1[2] = ADC_SC1_ADCH(13);  //Working
  ADC1->SC1[3] = ADC_SC1_ADCH(10);   //Working


Each AD channel is working.
What is the difference?