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Error with "GUIDRV_LIN_OSY_4" from “GUIDRV_Lin.h” in emWin using LPC54608J512

Question asked by Vladimir Ilyenko on Apr 5, 2018


I wanted to build GUI application with the help of emWin using MCUXpresso IDE on NXP MCU and downloaded SDK 2.3.0 with emWin support library.

I want to use a 4-bit color scheme and also the rotation of the screen orientation to have Y axis mirrored, X and Y swapped.

I used for rotation purpose parameter “GUIDRV_LIN_OSY_16” with the function “GUI_DEVICE_CreateAndLink”. It worked perfectly. But it is for 16-bit color depth.

I need to use 4-bit color because I want to accommodate the whole GUI in the internal RAM of MCU (160 kB) - without using any external memory chip. With 8-bit color and 480x272 screen only framebuffer takes 130560 bytes.

While trying parameter “GUIDRV_LIN_OSY_4” I get compilation error “undefined reference to `GUIDRV_Lin_OSY_4_API'” and the app cannot be built.



With “GUIDRV_LIN_4” parameter I have no compiling error, but I need a whole display rotation with “OSY” - widgets alone cannot be rotated.

Is there any chance that I can get here support from NXP?