Jesus Orozco

Where do I get official header, startup and linker script files from for the LPC11Uxx?

Discussion created by Jesus Orozco on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by Victor Jimenez

Hey guys, 


I'm starting a project with the LPC11u68 micro. On past projects, I have been able to find the official headers, startup, and linkers from the nxp website. However, on the samples provided for this micro, I was unable to find such files. Where can I find them? In concrete I'm looking for the following files: 



system_LPC11Uxx.h and system_LPC11Uxx.c (this is the one that I'm missing)...

startup_LPC11Uxx.s (found this one)... 


I have found some of them on different repos, but I would rather use the official ones.


Thank you,