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i.MXRT1050 EVK - LCD demo - issue with colors

Question asked by Lukasz Grzymkowski on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by Marcin Chelminski



I'm using Zephyr with i.MXRT1050 EVK and I've got the LCD RK043FN. I've run the demo from the SDK examples and ported it to Zephyr. The demo runs alright, except for the colour palette - the red part is missing or is skewed. Green/blue parts seem to be ok. My guess is that one (or more) of the GPIOs that are needed to transmit the byte with red data is incorrectly configured. 


LCD is configured as: pixel format = kELCDIF_PixelFormatXRGB8888, dataBus = kELCDIF_DataBus24Bit. Looking at the pin_mux.c that is included in the demos, it would seem that only data bits 0-15 are enabled for the LCD, but the above configuration is used.


Am I missing something or are the bits configured somewhere else, or bytes are squizzed into the 16 bit data bus?


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