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FRDM LS1012 CW startup problems

Question asked by robert applebaum on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by Tim Hammer



I am trying to connect to a FRDM LS1012 using CW for ARMv8; I created a bareboard hello world using the c++ stationary in CW.   I am using a CW ethernet TAP . I get an intitial JTAG? error then try DIAGNOSE. If the JTAG is slowed down to 8 Mhz then the JTAG will find the IR and bypass lengths. It also finds the DAP and LS1012 ID codes.

I followed all the steps outlined in CW targeting help files.


I am using the default initialization file for the FRDM LS1012 board in CW. It fails as follows:

Error: Memory Access failed


Failed to read memory from address 0x1ee00c8 on core SAP#0

GTA: error reading memory.


in the init file i set the use RCW safe parameter to true.


Please advise.