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Linker warning wchar

Question asked by Philip Luyckx on Apr 4, 2018
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We are using the SDK created by the SDK builder ( for the LPC54607 processor. In this SDK, there is a library called fsl_power_lib. This library is built with a wchar of 32 bits.


We are using IAR 7.80.4. It uses a wchar of 16 bits and we want to fix this warning, but not by ignoring it. Is it possible to make the library available with a wchar of 16 bits (so compiled with IAR 7.80.4 for example)? Or give us the source of this library so we can compile it ourself?


At this moment we are not able to upgrade to IAR 8.x because some of our tools are not yet compatible with the new IAR version.


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