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Project Generator Output Does Not Build

Question asked by Don Weier on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Marek Trmac

Hello all,


I am trying to port a project to the MKL17Z256VFT4. As a first step I used the project generator and the output does not build. I used the following settings:

  • SDK 2.3 with FatFS and USB selected
  • Advanced project generation
  • Standalone selected
  • IAR project


I've attached the unaltered output of of the project generator using these selections, but a quick description is that the build fails in clock_config because the compiler cannot find definitions for several structures and what appear to be enums. A quick search of the reference documentation for the API does not turn up a definition. In addition, I have searched the included project files for the definitions expecting that there were issues in the compiler or linker configuration that could be resolved if I knew the location of the definitions. I was unable to find any file with the definitions. I'm stumped because it doesn't appear the definition exists anywhere, but this is the baseline project. I'm using IAR version 8.11 to compile.


Any thoughts?