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OV5640 Camera Lock Up on IMX6Q

Question asked by Lee Coppins-Brown on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by Bio_TICFSL


We are having intermittent lock up problems with our OV5640-based MIPI camera on our IMX6Q product. We observe that the initialisation values written to the OV5640 registers over I2C sometimes do not read back correctly, but this problem (if it is one)  doesn't usually correlate to the camera failures. 

We have now reproduced the problem on the IMX6Q SABRE Platform which has generated some hardware queries...

The SABRE 27516-C5 schematics show a Parallel Camera interface on J9 and a MIPI interface on J5 and I have seen references to these cameras as OV05642-MRSL-A01A (Parallel Camera) and OV05640-MRFL-AA0T (MIPI Camera).  However the cameras we have function in either socket J5 or J9 so presumably offer both MIPI and Parallel interfaces.  These cameras sit on the 27820 Rotation Adaptor and are labelled H1 20729.

Is it possible to get the schematics for these cameras please?  Are they OV5640 based?


Lee Coppins-Brown