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How can I restore NAND U-boot on LS1043A-RGW residential gateway?

Question asked by Andrew Barrow on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by Andrew Barrow

My U-boot is corrupted after I tried using a RDB U-boot image. I don't have Codewarrior TAP. After this happened I coulnd't boot, so I prepared an SD card with the RGW ASK (non-SD) U-boot image and two additional IRAM etc images as per instructions but that gets stuck and loops forever at the U-Boot version text.


Is there a specific SD card U-boot image for the RGW board? It is not provided as part of the pre-compiled ASK binaries for the RGW board.


I also tried the RDB u-boot (that's what corrupted my flash in the first place) and SD u-boot images, neither of which work.


Could you provide or point me to an SD card U-boot image for the LS1043A-RGW board or suggest a different recovery method?