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MCUX IDE 10.1.1_606 error building 'Multi_Timer_Blinky'

Question asked by Luis Martinez on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Luis Martinez

Dear friends,

There are some strange fault (configuration?) in the MCUX IDE, default install, when work with this 1st example.

Machine UBUNTU 16.4.4 fully fresh install (OS and all). AMD FX(tm)-8320 x8 Core, 16.7 GB RAM, 967.5 GB HDD.

Nothing connected, no 'Max board LPC845', no 'Probes',...

Installed Examples from inside MCUX IDE, see attached 'Pic01'.

Installed all Examples from inside MCUX IDE, see attached 'Pic02'.

When Build 'Multi_Timer_Blinky' the IDE, Console view, give me problems, see attached 'Pic03'.

Same probles now, Problems view, see attached 'Pic04'.


Please, some more expert than I (I'm starting with this device and IDE,...) can teach me about what could be happen?

Many thanks.