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PN5180 BUSY line always HIGH after RFON command issued

Question asked by Sreedhar Manda on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by Rodolfo Oporto

Hello NXP Team,

I am using PN5180 reader IC interfaced with customized other host controller board.

I am able to access registers and EEPROM via SPI interface as per the information (about communication flow between host and pn5180) given in documentation and community.


Using NXP reader library with LPCD disable (build option).

Successfully executed the library flow upto phacDiscLoop_Sw_Int_FieldOn() --> phhalHw_FieldOn()

(Note: Loaded default protocol settings available in PN5180 EEPROM using phhalHw_ApplyProtocolSettings() which is executed as part of reader library flow)  


The problem is BUSY line is always HIGH after RFON command issued as part of phhalHw_FieldOn() code flow.

Please suggest your valuable suggestions on this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Best Regards