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LPCXpresso Max board LPC845, debug firmware update fail or other,..

Question asked by Luis Martinez on Apr 1, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Luis Martinez

Hi friend,

I will appreciate if someone can give me some help to understand what is happen and to fix it (if it's possible),...


- Completely new OM13097 board (LPC845MAX), Rev.A (as appear in board)

- UBUNTU 16.04.04 (fresh default install) with MCUXpresso IDE v10.1.1 [Build 606] [2018-01-02] (fresh default install).
a- Following instructions of OM13097 User's Manual, board connected by USB, detected without problem, unconnected and install JP3 to update debug probe firmware (JP1 not supplied so it's open), erase 'firmware.bin', and download new one (Rev 1.05, from 2018-02-15), power OFF, remove JP3, power ON,...

b- First inconsistence,... when ON board and after several seconds I don't see any red LED blink (as appear in the support video),... I follow instructions considering sw changes or other as don't care,...

c- Retake OM13097 User's Manual,... start MCUXpresso IDE and import project from ''. Open 'Multi_Timer_Blinky'.

d- Second inconsistence, when click 'Build  Multi_Timer_Blinky' it appear 6 error in process ?? (cannot find lperipherals_lib ,Multi_Timer_Blinky, C/C++ Problem; fail in the instructions for object 'Multi_Timer_Blinky.axf', makefile,, Multi_Timer_Blinky/flash, line 30, C/C++ Problem,... and four more)
e- Third inconsistence, when click 'Debug Multi_Timer_Blinky' any debug probe is located ??


Many thanks for your help