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srec_cat crc kboot problem

Question asked by roymessinger on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by roymessinger

I'm trying to use srec_cat tool to calculate the crc for my bin file, in order to use it with the blhost.

I've found this link, by Erich Styger which explains all very nicely.


Nevertheless, when trying to implement the srec_cat, I can't seem to get the same crc as calculated by KinetisFlashTool (which is correct in KinetisFlashTool, as kboot does recognize it).


My application starts from 0xa000.

I've tried:

srec_info myAppCode.srec and received:

Format: Motorola S-Record
Header: "myAppCode.srec"
Execution Start Address: 0000A7AD
Data: 00A000 - 00A3DF
00A400 - 020F07


So, I'm sending command to get the crc value:

srec_cat myAppCode.bin -binary -fill 0xff  0xa000 0x020F07 -crop 0xa000 0x020F07-Bit_Reverse -CRC32LE 0xffca0 -Bit_Reverse -XOR 0xff -crop 0xffca0 0xffca4-Output - -hex_dump


but getting different values than KinetisFlashTool.

I've tried changing the crop values but nothing helps.

Any ideas?