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DMA Scatter-Gather DBE Error

Question asked by Ceren Salman on Mar 30, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Ceren Salman

Hi everyone,

I am using mpc5674f I am trying to use dma controller and I have to use its Dynamic Programming feature: scatter/gather .

I have prepared the required TCDs: the first tcd function and the new /second TCD function (TCD_scattergather that is going to be loaded after first TCD).


When I run  the code with the different Destination Addresses, Scatter-gather works fine and there is no error bit set. Also I can see the data in destination addresses properly.

But when I give the same destination address in both TCD, when the code runs, Destination Bus Error bit set in EDMA_x_ESR register and there is no current data in the destination address, it doesn't work.

I guess it doesn't load the new TCD because of this error bit. 


I have read the "0-modulo-32-byte" issue but. this problem only happens when I give the same destination addresses to the TCDs.


Doesn't 5674F allow to write to the same destination addresses in scatter-gather? Is there a limitation in this area? We have to use the same destination addresses, it's required for our project. 


You can see the TCD functions below.


Please, can anyone help? 

Thank you so much in advance.




tcd functions