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I2C specification of NT3H2111

Question asked by Masafumi Shimura on Apr 1, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by Estephania Martinez

Hello NXP Semiconductor engineers


My customer asked us following I2C specification of NR3H2111.

Would you please confirm?



Could you show me whether NT3H2111 supports I2C software reset (Start-Cond and 9 clocks & Start-cond.) that is described in the attached file?


If the above is yes, could you show me how NT5T2111 acts when the clocks will short than 9 (eg. 8 clocks)?


After reading Chapter 9.3 of NT3H2111_2211 Datasheet(Rev.3.2), my customer believes that NT3H2111 will be reset every time Start conditions including repeated start are occurred when a condition of NFCS_I2C_RST_ON_OFF is set.

Is it true?


Do you have any description about a behavior of a condition NFCS_I2C_ON_OFF is cleared?


Best Regards, Shimura