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imx6d LVDS 1920x1080 (split mode on uboot)

Question asked by angelo coppi on Mar 30, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by angelo coppi

I have a custom board  with imx6d working fine with linux & android  (4.1.15 , 6.01 )


I have a fast  splash screen  on uboot , with the old display (1024x800 rgb24 single ch lvds) was ok, but with the new panel at 1920x1080 ( after some changes at setup_display function  )  display the  splash screen in dual channel lvds mode but the X resolution is 'virtual' , only 960 pixel are drawing in the lvds. The Y resolution is OK at 1080. Colors and bitmap image(dual width) is OK.


On uboot I could not make a proper debug of IPU registers. Please, someone can  send an example of function to RW a IPUx register on uboot.