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Issue in Printing Data for USB Printer(HP1112 - PCL3) with LPC1769

Question asked by Girish Gujar on Mar 30, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Hui_Ma

Dear Sir,

             We are working on - USB Printer (HP1112) with LPC-1769 (Using USB Hostlite  sample code  mcb1700.code_.bundle.lpc1769.lpcxpresso\USBHostLite). 

As far as enumeration part for usb printer, we have successfully added it.

Also we are able to read all descriptors for Printers,

Device,Configuration,Interface,Endpoint (Both Bulk In & Bulk Out).

But we are facing issue in data transmission to Printer. ( Logic for Printing Dummy data, after enumeration)

Also we wants to use Bulk transfer mode for data Printing.

Kindly Guide us..

Kindly revert if any information is required

Thanks & Regards,

(Nikhil Marne)